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pureWOD GREENS Micronutrient Powder

$ 74.00 $ 88.00

pureWOD GREENS Micronutrient Powder
pureWOD GREENS Micronutrient Powder pureWOD GREENS Micronutrient Powder pureWOD GREENS Micronutrient Powder

$ 74.00 $ 88.00

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  • pureWOD GREENS is what a multivitamin should be. GREENS will fill any holes with a robust micronutrient profile and allow you to actually absorb more with added MCT powder and liver and digestive enzymes.  

    pureWOD GREENS consists of 22 different raw and organic fruits and vegetables and all of the magical nutrition they provide. GREENS has no flavoring except for the plants themselves. 

    We harvest the fruits and vegetables and immediately cold process them so each serving of GREENS contains the exact same nutrition as eating 14 servings of organic fruits and vegetables.

    Adding a fat source (MCT powder) and liver and digestive enzymes allow your body to package up the nutrients and deliver them where they need to be. Other greens powders are flushed out without any absorption.

    GREENS is made without any: dairy, whey, soy, hormones, antibiotics, artificial color, artificial sweetener, binding agents, or preservatives. 

    This micronutrient greens powder is paleo friendly and is the closest you can get to eating a real meal from a supplement. 

  • Servings per container 30

    Serving 1 rounded scoop (30 grams)
    Calories: 25
    Fat: 1 grams
    Carbs: 3 grams
    Protein: 1 grams

    Ingredients: see label

    *For detailed information on ingredient breakdown, please click the label on the product photo.

  • Because GREENS is a complete micronutrient source and each scoop is packed with whole food nutrition, you can have GREENS whenever you'd like, ideally daily.

    Feel free to have pureWOD GREENS in these scenarios:
    - After a workout 
    - During a workout 
    - Baked in treats 
    - Add to a shake or smoothie
    - Alongside a meal
    - In place of a meal
    - While traveling


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